Monday, 28 September 2009

techniques of body and cyborg

Mauss, M. (1973[1935]) `Techniques of the Body', Economy and Society2(1): 70-88
"man's first and most natural technical object, and at the same time technical
means, is his body"-p75

Walking: the habitus of the body being upright while walking, breathing,
rhythm of the walk, swinging the fists, the elbows, progression with
the trunk in advance of the body or by advancing either side of the
body alternately (we have got accustomed to moving all the body
forward at once).-82

body techniques maybe learned from education
and the techniques still stay in our body, like swimming

cyborg also can be seen a learning techniques and it transforms conceiving way of our body.

wireless infrastruture gives us the discipline to learn and behave.

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