Thursday, 2 December 2010

the concept of my artwork

Different types of artworks and artists.

1. art is for aesthetics

2. art leading research: thinking how to develop technology to create art

3. research helps art: thinking how to apply existing technology to art.

2 and 3 are different on the developers but the result is similar.

4. art for claim:claim what is art; Marcel Duchamp and Andy Warhol redefined the art.

5. art for study: For example, Impressionism studied light with their paintings.

6. Art for politics and social movement.

7. art=research: Art is the research. There are two conversion. The first is to build the connection between art and the subject and the second is the relation between artwork and the subject. After the conversion, we need a conclusion to contain the two conversion. The conclusion should be an artwork. In other words, the final artworks is composed of individual artworks; but the final work is not merely the sum of the individual artworks. The final artwork has its unique traits. Every "individual work" is the final work but they are not equivalent. I created different cities' landscape images and every image is urban landscape image but they do not equal to the final artwork. The final artwork should be conceptual and intangible.

I used the street routes and house to link Wi-Fi access points to houses. House and Routes should be the main keys in the final artworks.

Stanza's "Emergent City" ( think "can we consider data (CCTV, traffic, weather, people movement) as a medium for artistic practice?" and applied visual or acoustic ways of representing the data. My project seems similar to his but we have a clear boundary.

(1)He focused the representation of cities but I aimed to explore the relationship behind and in the objects.

(2)He concerns with the data but I emphasize the concept.

(3)He applied the advance technology to create art; I created art to explore the the effect of technology on our society.

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