Tuesday, 23 September 2008

The draft of the final representation

1. Until now, the amount of data seems big enough and the financial consideration, so the duration fieldwork may be shorten.
2. After fieldwork, I may need at least 3 months for coding the data.
3. The coding rule will become the principles of house theory for constructing the final work. So the final work is embodying and visualizing the theory.
4. This project will produce the a field to represent the different urban Wi-Fi landscape. The participants can choose which city they want to login and become cyborgs in the different cities by their intersubjectivity.
5. If no participants enter the field of artwork, the field will present the different urban wifi landscape, the images of wifi ap and the personal wifi route.
6. If anyone enters the field, participants will interact the theory then their behaviours revise the framework of theory.
7. I need more time than fieldwork.

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