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(Script to) Locate Any WiFi Router By Its MAC Address sth posted in wifi
(Script to) Locate Any WiFi Router By Its MAC Address
sth posted in wifi on September 12th, 2008

I saw a slashdot post earlier today about a not-so-secret API from SkyHook Wireless to Locate Any WiFi Router By Its MAC Address. I thought this was pretty cool and useful, so I wrote up a quick python hack/script that would use the API, and I thought that I’d add this as a wicrawl plug-in shortly. It takes the BSSID as an input, and outputs all of the information it finds, and also can output a google earth KML file to import the location.

I found the information amazingly and scarily accurate so far. When I check for my local Access Point it gives me my physical address (in addition to the coordinates) within two street numbers.

Here’s some anonymized output from the script:

./ 00:11:22:33:aa:c6 ~/tmp/output.kml [*] City: Boston [*] Country: United States [*] Address: Fancy Pants Rd [*] Longitude: -70.17905 [*] County: Middlesex [*] State: Massachusetts [*] Output KML File: /Users/aaronp/tmp/output.kml [*] Street Number: 1337 [*] Postal Code: 02138 [*] Latitude: 40.3823964 [*] Finished..

Let me know if you find it in any way useful. I would guess though now that it’s been slashdot’d that the service will likely change as soon as people really start using it. Hopefully not though, :)

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