Sunday, 5 October 2008

the third stage

The first stage is collecting data.
The second stage is coding the data by participant observation result.
The third stage is re-representing the data.
Until now, I think I have to do the three stages at the same time after visiting three cities and initializing my chicago stage.
I am reading Stuart Hall's "The work of representation" in representation : cultural representations and signifying practices.
He said. "THe main point is that meaning does not inhere in things, in the world. It is constructed, produced. It is the result of a signifying practice - a practice that produces meaning, that makes things mean."(Stuart 1997:24). The artists paints the "blue" sky, and "green" trees or applying "red" to express violence or warm.
The color is familiar with us so we don't thing why they choose blue, green and red. But it is not purely natural, it involves into the making-meaning process. Red is red not warm. If the sun light changes, the sky is no blue (as in Turner's famous watercolor paintings).
In the third stage, the wifi colours will be supposed as wifi "natural" color and to look for the relationship between the nature and human life.
The mac address or bssid is composed by vendor code and factory serial number, so the number is meanginful and we can organize the wifi ap time-orderly by the serial number and the vendor code inspire us the relationship between vendors and wifi providers.

But the third stage is just a beginning, the wifi colour meaning will be interpret and re-representing in the fourth stage.

Thanks for the crtics and comments from wigle forum.

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