Sunday, 28 November 2010

the song of london

表演展覽計畫"倫敦曲" Plan for 2010 performance and exhibition (The song of London)
1. 每天走不同的街道 walking in the streets
2.利用手機錄下街景與街道聲音 recording street scenes and noise via mobile phone
3.利用電腦紀錄經過的無線網路 recording Wi-Fi information along the streets
4.將無線轉成影像跟聲音 converting Wi-Fi information to music and film
5.混合街景以及無線網路的影像聲音 combine the audio and video by phone and by Wi-Fi
6.每天的記錄成為音樂中的一節 one day constitute on one section
7.混合起來成為倫敦曲 the result will be come the song of London
8.可能可以搭配拍照紀實 potential film and photograph documentary
9.此計畫不一定會實現 this plan may not be implemented.

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