Saturday, 1 October 2011

reply to ruth


Thanks for your comments.

My artworks were displayed/shared by different ways, and I will introduct it step by step in the below:

1. The project website: the users can connect to the site to see the real-time and dyanmica images produced from the databased.

2. The metro station: I have displayed 41 prints on the wall in one of Taipei metro station as the ordinary exhibition. The main difference is the visitors can bring the prints they want to home. This was sharing in physical world and you also can call it "fresh" P2P protocol.

3. The performance website: I had a live performance displayed in one sites. The users could see what I saw (eyes and my laptop's collecting wi-fi data application) via the image I taken, google map and Wi-Fi colour grids.

4. My youtube channel: the users can see Wi-Fi images and music in Wi-Fi video.

5. My music channel: I uploaded my music to and the audience can listen to my music online.

6. The text: I am keeping writing the blogs and papers to intoduce my project and artworks.

From the list, you could notice the audience/participants can interact with my works in different ways, including online/offline approaches. My works considered Wi-Fi users as cyborgs/posthumans, and I wanted to transform the viewers/listeners to cyborgs/posthumans. Because the audience interact with my works in online/offline ways, they can reconfigure themselves to be in the cyborg/posthuman state. I will keep to try different possibilities to expand my works to the unpredictable fields.

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