Friday, 21 November 2008

the difference between technology and human culture

the life-cycle of Wi-Fi ap is different from the human life cycle.
Wi-Fi aps often are given by Internet service provider, such BT in London or Comcast in Chicago. If you decide to end the contract and begin a new contract for another provider. They will give you a new wifi ap, and old wifi aps are often left for you because the previous provider do not call back the wifi aps.
The old wifi ap bssid will disappear if you choose not to use the old one.

The sociological or commercial studies on wifi network often emphasize the whole trend of wifi network development, but they often neglect the wi-fi-ap's history of object and the wi-fi-user's history of personal biographical objects.

The wifi technology interacts with human beings and human beings are extended as a part of wifi ap and thewifi ap also as a part of human beings. The combination is cyborg.

The cyborg identity is composed of the three levels: city, ap and person.

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