Saturday, 15 November 2008

Identity and house metahphor

The home-house is different from other building, because it can give people privacy, security and natural membership. People may have, live or belong to several home-houses at the same time. The home-house in the real world has hierarchy and different functions. Short-term/long-term, tenant/member, workaholic/home-animal and other qualities. In cyborg world, wifi ap is attached to material in the real world and the quality and function is affected by the real world.

The identity is based on the imagined/social relations. The born house, the rent house and the self-made house etc. The houses interweave the complicated hierarchical and functional house network. In the previous house-society studies, they focus on the house of personal positions in different life stages, such as birth and marriage, but the short-term or long-term houses for student or employee life are also important for personal experience, emotion and memory. There are many types of house in big cities and the wifi aps in big cities also have many different types, family ap, school dorm ap and roommate ap. The above house focus on the home-house concept and the following will expand the concept to city and personal aspects.

In chicago wifi network, the

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