Monday, 10 November 2008

virtual wifi ports
Meru further virtualizes virtual SSIDs: This might seem a little technical, but it’s fascinating. Enterprise Wi-Fi maker Meru says they’ve developed virtual ports, that allows each Wi-Fi connection to act as if there’s a separate AP controlling it. This has been used for quite a while to create virtual SSIDs: unique network names fed by a single access point. Meru says their approach centralizes the virtual SSIDs (which use BSSIDs, the underlying network address for a Wi-Fi access point), allowing roaming without the adapter appearing to change its network association. That goes one level beyond current roaming. The connection is essentially virtualized to be independent of the access point. With a unique per-user virtual WLAN, Meru says that they can optimize a connection, including throttling and provisioning to provide guaranteed bandwidth and priority.

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