Sunday, 23 November 2008

[thesis] The street performance

If I am a cyborg, my trace is my street performance.
This is a daily life and I need to abstract the daily routine to a more artistic expression.
Until now, I keep going to record the wifi ap information in the city and post the records to this blog.
Does the trace need to be represented by the other forms? Which form is the best choice to this project.
I can only connect to the network at home and in public library.

In this city, my cyborg identity exist in the home and public library network. But the present home-house is not the permanent house and the cyborg identity also not exist. The identity of the house wifi ap is a special in the present place and time. The identity of th public libarary identity is temporary and the other with the same identity are strangers for me. From the two different
wifi aps, we can see the wifi ap has many different qualities. First, there is an only one wifi ap at home but there are many wifi aps with the same name(ssid) in the public library. The former is a unique wifi ap in the building and the latter is the one of the wifi aps in the building.
(1)The first quality is: one-in-one and one-in-all
(2)The second quality is: closed and pass(go around the wifi aps)

The different house concept is derived from the home-house.

The home-house is different

As Marc Augé said, we are in an overabudant space/time society. Cyborg in city is not living in a homo-geographical environment, and an identity is can't go through the city so we have multi-identites in the city.

Because I stay at different cities in a short-term except for Taiepi, I have many "home house" wifi ap than others.

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